individual counseling

Child/Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy

Distance Counseling/TeleHealth


Separating, Divorcing,& Single Parents Education Classes (SDPE)

Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences Workshop (Organizations)

Living Through Trauma Workshop (Organizations)

Kids Empowered Groups

Building healthy children by increasing social & emotional development



TF-CBT, Trauma
Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Behavior Management Practices





Parents Empowered

Individualized Planning

Increase Parental Control and Decrease Parent-Child Conflict

Powerful Parents Workshop (Parenting 101)

-Parenting Practices

-Personal Growth

-Parent-Child Conflict

-Parent Child Interactive Therapy

-Conscious Discipline Practices



-Managing Stress

-Anxiety & PTSD

-Relationship Problems

-Separating and Divorce Counseling

-Co-Parenting Practices



-Family Transitions

-Adjustment Issues

-Cognitive Behavioral
Treatment Model

-Person Centered

-Rational Emotive Behavioral Treatment Model