Have you heard the saying “bad things happen to good people”? If you can identify with this statement on a personal level you are ready to change the level of impact those negative experiences have on you and those who are connected to you.

We have created a one of a kind, life changing program designed specifically for people who have their own story of adverse experiences and want to break cycles of abuse, despair and suffering and change the outcome entering into the next chapter of their life creating a legacy of empowerment and resiliency. 

Adverse experiences have the potential to be present in the lives of any individual regardless of one’s age, race or culture due to the actions of oneself, or others. Research has proven the more knowledgeable people are about the signs and symptoms of trauma, how their actions or in-actions, reactions and interactions are impacted all influence their level of functioning and ability to live healthy productive lives. 

This Psycho-educational workshop is designed for adults who have lived through adverse experiences and want to develop healthy coping strategies by educating themselves about the causes and impact of trauma, how their interactions and reactions affect their relationships with peers and their children as well as their everyday functioning. 


You will learn: 

How your history is or has the potential to impact your present or future and develop a plan to change that course.

The causes and symptoms of trauma, the short and long term effects, how it impacts your parenting styles, personality and temperament characteristics and realistic expectations how to change the course of trauma by healthy coping strategies, managing your emotions and self-care practices, and develop a plan of action to promote emotional well-being.